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1. Install widget code

Add this code snippet to your website (or email it to your developers):

2. Delight customers

The widget should now appear on your site, providing your visitors with a really useful feature that very few websites have.

3. Analyse the data

We are available to talk anytime, and will regularly send you reports with key data to show that the widget is helping your business.

Widget Benefits

  • It’s Easy to Get Started

    Add our wishlist widget to your e-commerce website in minutes and allow your website visitors to save products they love to their wishlist, to buy later.

  • No Fees Unless You Sell

    Grateful Goose works on an affiliate commission model. The wishlist widget is free to install and you’ll only be charged a commission if you sell via our website.

  • Virality

    Grateful Goose wishlists are naturally viral, as our users share their wishlists with friends and family. This increases exposure and click-throughs to your website from new potential customers.

  • Incremental Sales

    Our users love Grateful Goose, and return to view their wishlists regularly. They will see your product on their wishlist many times over, making them more likely to buy.

  • Direct Intent to Buy

    Many of our users create wishlists for their birthday, Christmas or other special occasion. They share it with friends and family who want to buy them a gift. Sales conversion is therefore much higher from Grateful Goose wishlists than direct visitors.

  • Product Reminders

    We alert our users about products on their wishlists, driving them back to your website.

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